My dog has to go for a run, but how?

My dog has to go for a run, but how?

It’s time again for the annual family weekend somewhere far out in the country, and this time the dog is coming. But how do we best secure ourselves when we have to take the dog for a ride?

In Denmark, there is no legislation that determines whether / or how your dog should be restrained during the ride. A dog is considered goods, and must be restrained to the extent that it is deemed safe for safe driving.

The wording is as follows: “Persons or goods must not be positioned in such a way that the driver does not have full visibility and sufficient ability to maneuver the vehicle.” (Traffic Act, § 82)

But even though it looks cute when the dog sticks its head out the window and the wind blows its ears and tongue, it can quickly change into an unpleasant situation.

No Rules

Even though there is no legislation in the area, the police will still be able to assess that your dog is a nuisance or a danger to the driver, and then the trap will still clap.

Watch out for the airbag

It is probably nice to have your dog sitting on the passenger seat, but when the dog is sitting here, there is a chance that it will become a victim of the airbag, which is not made to protect dogs, but humans.

Dog cage or seat belt

I would always advise that you make sure to secure your dog, either in a dog cage or in a seat belt in the back seat. However, both parts are mostly there to protect the driver from flying goods, during a collision. Watch this video to see what happens when the dog is not strapped in during a collision.

In the event of a collision, flying goods (including dogs) will weigh many, many more kilos than the goods originally weigh, and therefore it is extremely dangerous for other passengers to get in e.g. neck or head.

If you choose a dog cage, according to FDM, it is a good idea to mount it sideways, if possible. That is, so the dog stands with the side to the direction of travel. This reduces the chance of damage to the dog’s back and head in the event of hard braking.

Good drive 🙂

With a seat belt, the dog can be allowed to sit in the back seat without disturbing the driver while driving.

There are many different types of seat belts and cages for dogs, so it is a good idea to research what is best for your dog. What works best? What is there room for in the car? How much does the dog weigh? And of course, always choose the safest solution for your particular dog, and not the smartest or cheapest.

Special rules when driving abroad

Always remember to check the legislation of the country in question in the area. Many countries have far more rules than we have in Denmark.