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Watch your paws

Healthy and resilient pads make life easier for a dog.

Dry, cracked or otherwise damaged pads, on the other hand, can cause your dog discomfort or outright pain.

So pay attention to your dog’s paws and help care for them and keep them healthy and supple.

Is it only important to groom paws when there is salt on the roads and pavements?

Many people think that it is only relevant to focus on paw care in late autumn and winter, when there is frost and salt on the roads.

It’s a mistake. Good paw care is relevant all year round.

Salt and ice are certainly hard on the paws. We must not overlook this.

But a very hot surface in summer or a very rough surface on long walks in the woods is also hard on the paws.

So is water if your dog spends a lot of time in water.

Tips for good care

1# Rinse your paws thoroughly in lukewarm water after a walk in sand, gravel, ice, salt or anything else that can stick between the pads. Remember to dry them well afterwards.

2# If you do not have access to water, or you (or your dog) find it inconvenient, you can use wipes as an alternative

3# Use a good paw care product frequently to lubricate the paws. Think of it as a hand cream, and what a good hand cream does for your own hands.

4# If you find a paw care that has the consistency of a cream difficult to work with for you and your dog, then you can both look for sticks (behaves a bit like a lip balm) or spray

A little is better than nothing

For some, this kind of care is cosy togetherness with the dog. For others, it’s something you take a little time to do and just have to get over with.

If you belong to the first group, enjoy it and do it often. You can’t overdo it.

If you belong to the second group, remember that a little is much better than nothing.

No two dogs are alike

The strength of our dogs’ paws varies greatly. Some dogs are naturally endowed with strong paws that can stand up to most things. Other dogs have very fragile pads and need a lot of help.

If you have a dog that has very sensitive paws, you might also consider putting shoes on it. If you choose this option, look carefully when choosing the right shoes. The range is large, but the quality is very mixed. For your dog’s shoes to be a success, take the time to find the right size. A shoe should fit snugly on the dog’s leg, but of course it shouldn’t bother.

In case of an accident

Small scratches can be easily cared for by yourself. Use a paw care or a repair cream round handed.

Think again about small scratches on your own hands. You also care for them yourself with lots of cream, perhaps one with ingredients like Aloe Vera, which historically has a healing effect.

If the damage is major or you are in doubt about the extent of the damage, seek veterinary advice.