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The perfect dog harness

Does it exist at all?

In my view, “the perfect harness” depends entirely on which dog the harness is to be used for. Dogs are available in all shapes, sizes and weight classes – Like humans, and we can not all fit in the same pair of pants.

But our clothes do not have the great adaptability either, and a dog harness can actually have that.

Especially dogs with a wide or narrow chest may have difficulty fitting harnesses that cannot be adjusted.

Fortunately, there is a sea of different dog harnesses, some of which are better for small dogs, and others for large, some for narrow and some for wide dogs. When you go out and look for a new dog harness, it can easily feel like moving a little out into the jungle.

Remember that your dog must wear the harness for many hours during his life, and therefore a good dog harness is well spent, and perhaps the price of the harness should not come first, but rather comfort and fit.


How to choose the right harness for your dog

When you start the hunt for the perfect dog harness, I would recommend trying different kinds, with good advice from the store. In addition, there are some things that I think are important to take into consideration.

1. It is important to choose a harness that puts pressure on the dog’s chest, rather than its neck. This makes the harness more gentle on the neck region and muscles, especially in dogs that tend to pull during the walk.

2. As mentioned earlier, your dog wears a harness for many hours during his life, and therefore comfort is important. It must be nice to wear, in delicious materials and fit well. In addition, there must be full movement, and the harness must not disturb the shoulder joint or the armpit.

And with that, the harness should be able to be worn with ease, and therefore not weigh too much.

4. Finally, good fitting options are a must, for optimal fit. By being able to adjust the harness in several places, your dog does not have to have ‘standard measurements’, and the harness can be adjusted especially according to your dog’s shapes.

My bid for the perfect harness

I do not believe that the perfect dog harness exists. I do not think you can cut all dogs over one comb and put them in the same type of harness, but if I had to come up with a bid for ‘the perfect harness’ anyway, I would no doubt choose the Ruffwear Front Range harness.

It fulfills the four things above, and then it is even a harness in a nice design.

The Front Range harness can be adjusted in four places, and then it has a padded chest and belly panel. This means that the harness can be adjusted to suit the vast majority of dogs, regardless of shape and size, and this without compromising on comfort.

However, I would always recommend that you try more harnesses on your dog, to find the right one. What fits the neighbor’s dog may not fit yours, even if they are immediately the same size.

But most importantly: Does your dog look happy and content?