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Fenriz webbing sporline w. handle, 5m/20mm, black

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Fenriz Sporline is optimal for the active dog owner who goes on trails with their dog and prioritizes quality, comfort and functionality.

The track rope is designed with you and your dog’s comfort in mind. The line is handle-less, which takes the worry out of having your dog follow a trail freely because the risk of something getting caught is eliminated. The comfortable webbing material protects your hands and avoids a burning sensation when your dog pulls on the leash.

With a considerable length of 5 meters, the leash gives your dog the freedom to follow a trail without you having to follow closely. This ensures you maintain full control even when your dog is several meters away. The high quality of the webbing material guarantees durability and long-lasting use. This ensures satisfactory quality and durability. Fenriz Sporline is the ideal companion for active dog owners who value both quality and functionality.

Key features of the Fenriz Sporline:
– Long running time gives you freedom when you train.
– Durable webbing ensures good, long-lasting quality.
– The track rope is without handles
– The webbing material is nice and comfortable for both you and your dog.