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BZ Quick Cooler bandana

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It can be difficult for our dogs to keep out a lot of heat. Therefore, the good summer days can be hard to get through.
Do you have a dog that suffers from the heat? A dog looking for a cool place under a tree or on a tile floor where it can be cooled down? Then a Quick Cooler bandana might be a help.

A Quick Cooler bandana consists of a lot of cooling crystals. Before using the bandana, soak it in water for 20-35 minutes. The cooling crystals absorb a quantity of water and turn into a gel, and the cooling effect is in progress. The cooling effect can last up to several days.
Quick Cooler bandana is easily given to the dog and closed with velcro. Let the dog carry it for as long as it needs cooling.
A Quick Cooler bandana cools the dog’s main artery, thus achieving a cooling effect throughout the body when the slightly cooled blood is pumped around.

A Quick Cooler bandana contains no toxic substances. BUT it should be used under supervision. If a dog bites it to pieces and swallows some crystals, this can be quite dangerous for dogs.

If a Quick Cooler is soaked for too long, you run the risk of it leaping.

Quick Cooler bandana is washable

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