Why choose the natural chewing gum?

Why choose the natural chewing gum?

Natural chewing gum, snacks, treats. Dear child has many names.
They are found in every pet store, but what is really amazing about natural chewing bones?

The natural chewing bones are available in a sea of sizes and varieties, and therefore there is something for every dog. Some chewing bones are less fatty than others, and it is therefore also possible to find chewing bones that are good for the overweight dog.

Regardless of whether the dog is small or large, there are chewing bones with a chewing time that suits the individual dog.

It is precisely the many varieties, sizes and tastes that make the natural chewing bones so popular, but also that the natural chewing bones are completely without additives and other things on the composition list we can not pronounce.

Sometimes, however, other benefits emerge that one might not have taken into account.


Betina Bruun, owner of ADogDream, told me a story about her 2 dogs who are totally crazy about chewing gum. Their favorites are twisted chewing bones, beef scalp and energy bars. But in general, dogs like to chew with long chewing time, so they do not get a ‘was it just that?’ Experience. When Betina takes her dogs to the vet, they always get praise for their teeth. There is never anything to go after, despite the fact that her 7 year old dogs have never had their teeth cleaned. The cause of the fine teeth can be found in the natural chewing bones, which not only help prevent tartar and plaque, but also help in a healthy gum.


Gitte who is the owner of Dream animals  also has good experience with the natural chewing bones, but she prefers to give her dog chewing bones with fur on. This is because her dog used to go and sip grass, but when Gitte started giving chewing gum with fur on, the dog stopped eating grass. Gitte went on holiday with her dog, and actually forgot her chewing gum with fur on. This caused the dog to start eating grass again. Here Gitte became sure that it was the fur on the chewing bones that made the difference. It is important to be aware of whether your dog eats grass, not because grass in small amounts is unhealthy for the dog, but because there may be snails in the grass which in the worst case can cause heartworm.


Natural chewing bones with long chewing time: These are suitable for large dog breeds, which quickly get their snacks eaten.

  • Oxtail
  • Dinoben
  • Calf lower legs
  • Energy bars
  • Oksepandelap

Natural chewing bones with short chewing time: These are suitable for smaller dogs, older dogs or puppies who take a little longer to eat their snacks.

  • Pig ears in strips
  • Rolled esophagus

Low fat natural chewing bones: These are suitable for overweight dogs who love snacks but are not really allowed to get them.

  • Oxtail
  • Beef ears
  • Energy bars

You can always consult with your own pet store about what is right for your particular dog.