MicaM Mouth collar with crystal, black

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The Mica Mwaloni leather necklace is both exclusive and very, very delicious.
– Hand sewn in Kanpur, India, by a reputable company. Kanpur is very well known for their high quality of leather goods
– The outer part of the collar consists of buffalo leather and the inside consists of soft sheepskin
– For extra comfort, the collar is padded with a soft and elastic material that gives an extremely durable result.
– Buckles are of course stainless and nickel free.
– The crystals are a mix of the very beautiful Swarovski and Preciosa, which are world famous for their quality
– All crystals are glued with an exceptionally durable glue that is resistant to wind and weather, even seawater * and UV rays.
– The glue is elastic and therefore follows the movement in the leather.
* Can no longer tolerate long stays in seawater / lake / similar.

Should, contrary to expectations, errors occur with the collar during normal use, there is a 2-year warranty.

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