Choose clothing for your dog carefully

Many dogs today have a large or small wardrobe of winter coats, raincoats and sweaters.

There are several good reasons for this. The obvious one, of course, is that some dogs simply freeze in cold weather. It can also be to protect the coat from moisture and dirt, or to protect the home a little, so the dog is not so wet and dirty when it comes home from a walk.

In my opinion, all 3 are valid reasons to dress the dog.

What is your intention?

Before you buy coats, jackets, knits and so on for your dog, make up your mind what the purpose is:

  • My dog gets cold on walks – choose something warm, windproof and waterproof
  • My dog gets cold when lying in the car, for example – choose something warm and comfortable
  • My dog can keep warm, but I want to keep her coat dry – choose something waterproof that’s not too hot

You probably have many more scenarios yourself, and there can easily be several for the same dog.

My point is simply that you should keep the need in mind when shopping.

Make sure it fits

It’s important to find clothing that fits your dog really well.

The better the fit and comfort, the better your dog will like wearing it.

Just think of yourself. Don’t you feel best when your clothes fit right? Not too tight, not too loose!

Whether it’s a raincoat, a winter coat or a knitted jumper, always make sure it fits your dog well. Of course, it should not be tight. The dog must be able to move freely, but it must not be too loose. A suit that slides from side to side will never be comfortable for the dog to wear. Nor a suit where the dog can pull its paws up into the suit.

Walking in the snow

AltheaI don’t have a dog anymore, so I sometimes ‘borrow’ my neighbour’s little dog for a good long walk. Last time we went it was snowing, so the dog had a – at first sight – very nice winter coat on.

It seemed to fit reasonably well, but I got wiser on the ride.

Althea, as the dog is called, was not thrilled that we were going for a walk. She usually wants to. I attribute it initially to the snow and the cold.

When we got to the small paths she got the leash off so she could run free, but her mood was not high. And finally she simply stopped a little behind me. I called and called, but she didn’t budge an inch. I could just see the top of her head, but no sign of movement.

After a while I had to go back to the dog, and there she stood with both front paws pulled into her coat. So the dog was legally excused, she couldn’t move without falling.

Poor little dog. I tried to fix the winter coat, but shortly after it was wrong again.

Then we took off our coats, and I must say that both mood and pace increased!

Here I realised how important the right clothing is for the dog.